The NHF has a clear goal in mind. This was put into words when it was founded in 1996:

The main objective of the NHF is to inform about the professional sectors and to promote contact in the Dutch-speaking private sector in Luxembourg as well as to promote mutual support and integration of its members and to facilitate contacts with local authorities and professional organisations.

The objective is achieved by organising several evening meetings and lunches with interesting and original guests from the Luxembourg and Dutch business community and from local and European governmental organisations.

In addition, the annual programme always includes a company visit, the traditional Christmas drink and the gala dinner. This strengthens the contacts between the members of the NHF and Luxembourg authorities and related organisations.

The NHF also serves as a basis for informal consultation and mutual trust in business and ensures that bridges are built between business communities in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The objective is generally pursued with the active support and cooperation of the Dutch Embassy in Luxembourg and the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Brussels. In concrete terms, the NHF is thus a unique gathering of a wide and diverse range of entrepreneurs.

In addition, the NHF has the meaning of a close circle of members with great mutual affinity. For example, it can ensure a good reception of newcomers in Luxembourg. Because of the knowledge and experience that the members have gained over the years, they can offer help to find their way in Luxembourg within the framework of the NHF. The active support and trust among the members also means that they can easily introduce each other to various related circles and organisations.

As mentioned above, the NHF is perceived as a very welcome meeting place and is constantly gaining in importance. For example, it has developed good relationships with sister associations elsewhere in the world and increasing contacts with local Dutch-speaking clubs in Luxembourg.